About us

дървесни пелетиEstablished in 2009 Toriya – 08 Ltd. has started its activities as a manufacturer of pure wooden pellets at 2011. The company’s manufacturing facility has been equipped with new modern machines for that purpose. The policy of the company, built on naturally pure raw materials, advanced technology and skilled staff, is to deliver its customers with products having high and sustainable quality. For less than two years the company has increased the production two times and simultaneously it became more sophisticated and qualified in its activity. The pellets are made of pure pinewood raw material with low sulphur content and high caloric value, compressed in its natural condition with no risk of any hard residue during or after the burning process, no matter of the heating equipment that utilized the pellets.

Our profile:

2009 – 2010: Begins study of installed production facilities for the production of pellets in Bulgaria. Preparation of financial analysis for business production and sale of pellets started as well.

2010 – 2011: Development of a project and a detailed business plan to build a plant for the production of wood pellets. Explore the possibilities of export of pellets and price levels for export.

2011: Purchase of playground construction and equipment of a workshop for the production of pellets from wood with a capacity of 1000 kg/h. A warehouse construction takes place and providing the necessary transportation within.

2012: Company Toriya – 08 Ltd. started its operations in production, sale and delivery of clean wood pellets from untreated wood.

Location: The manufacturing of pellets is located in the region of Velingrad, in the heart of one of the biggest areas for timber in Bulgaria.

Investment: On the playground area of 7’500 sq.m is where the production line for pellets, warehouse and offices are located. The part for the production of pellets is spread on area of ??600 sq.m, and there are two presses for pellets, installed with a total production capacity of 1500 kg finished products per hour. The production process includes the grinding of raw materials, drying, forming pellets and packing.

Production: Our team of experienced professionals contributes to less than two years the company Toriya – 08 Ltd. to double its production of wood pellets through process optimization and transition to shift work.

Product: The pellets produced by the company are made of softwood, free of impurities and additives and have high calorific value. The technological scheme of machinery and equipment provides a possibility to compress sawdust in their natural state, while eliminating the risk of deposition of solid residues after combustion of the pellets.  Produced by Toriya – 08 Ltd. wood pellets are applicable in all types of heating systems, including burners for boilers burning pellets and stoves and fireplaces designed to use pellets as a fuel.

Standard: Pellets of Toriya – 08 Ltd.., meet the standard pellet BDS EN ISO17225-2:2014 – class A1

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